First line writer’s block

I want to write. I want to write for magazines, newspapers, websites, I want to write novels. I want to be an author, a journalist, and an editor. And I want to make a living out of it and be respected all at the same time. But, the thing is, I don’t have a lot of experience. Hell, from what you’re reading right now, you can probably even tell that I haven’t even found my “voice” yet, switching from one style to another like Lady Gaga on a really bad day (not that I’m comparing myself to her at all!)

So while I keep my book blog going, which is at, I’ll use this place as a side project to focus on perfecting my “voice”. As an English Literature degree student, writing reviews and articles on Life Between Pages, and posting some short stories and other works on here, maybe I’ll stand a good chance at finding it.

Oh, and I’ve heard a lot of freelance blogging jobs like writers who can use WordPress, so hence the use of this place instead of Blogger. Experience, experience, experience!

See you around!


6 thoughts on “First line writer’s block

  1. You’re off the a good start here. Dream big, my dream. You lose nothing and gain everything. “Voice” is a difficult thing to find, but when you do, it’s with you forever. And when do you know you almost have it? When you can sit down and just write without even thinking about it anymore. πŸ™‚ Best wishes from me and future Cuddles.

  2. Hi Sophie

    I think this is a brilliant start. You sound so much like me in every respect that it’s kinda spooky. I follow your other blog and I have my own reading blog Chick’s Lit ( you may remember me?) I too have dreams of writing- novels, articles, interesting and useful blog posts etc etc but like you have no experience and no real idea how or where to start. I am also studying English Lit with the OU. Maybe we can encourage each other on our writing journey. I will follow this blog with interest.You have inspired me to grab the bull by the horns and do something productive like go and learn WordPress which I know is a much better blogging tool than Blogger.

    Well Done

    • I definitely remember you, Tracey! πŸ˜€
      And it is pretty spooky that we’re so similar in our endeavors! Thanks for following both my blogs – I’ll be sure to check yours regularly too. How’s AA100 going?

      • AA100 is going good so far. My marks have improved on each essay so far although that could change with the next one as it is our first full essay with 1200 words to write. Which course are you studying at the moment? I have registered to do A230 next and am really looking forward to that one.
        Just on the point of finding your voice, I did the following exercise on this site-you may have already seen it but I found it very useful

        In fact the whole site is interesting and I love its design.

        The other site I have recently discovered is.

        Again you may have seen it but it does have some really useful tips on it and you can submit things to be published ( unpaid but it’s a start!)

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